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The different cards

The yellow card

The yellow card can be used by anyone from 16 years old of age and older.

The yellow card can be used as: a voucher card, a monthly travel card and as a combination of voucher card and monthly travel card.

If the card is only used as a voucher card, the card can be used as it is with no picture on it.
If the card is used as a monthly travel card or as a voucher/monthly travel card the card must be personalized with a picture and name, this is done at our offices.

You can anytime and at your own convenience buy vouchers and monthly travel cards online. See your instructions here. You can also buy cards at our resellers.

If you loose your card we can replace the content to a new card, but you need to know the 11 digits on the card (card number).

The blue card

The blue card is used by schoolkids attending 8th, 9th and 10th grade.

The blue card must be personalized with a picture and a name, and the cards are only issued at our offices.

The issued card is valid a year at a time, and all cards are deactivated at the end of the school year. 8th and 9th grade pupils cards are activated again at the beginning of the new school year, and are upgraded to 9th and 10th grades.

Voucher cards can be added to the blue card. Do it online, or at our resellers.

Read more about the blue card by clicking here.