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Advent contest

This year we had an advent contest on our Facebook page where we had a question every advent. Anyone could participate by answering the question, and if the answer is correct the contestants participated in a draw to win free bus rides all of January 2018. We had 4 questions in total, and 4 winners.

We’ve looked at how it went, and we can say that we are more than happy about the interest!

The draw was today the 27th of December and the winners are:

1. Advent (Question: Who was the first managing director of Nuup Bussii A/S? Correct answer: Allan Idd Jensen)
Winner: Makkak Tobiassen Johansen

2. Advent (Question: Who was the first female board member of Nuup Bussii A/S’ board? – Correct answer: Laannguaq Lynge)
Winner: Petra Jensen

3. Advent (Question: Who is the current chairman of the board of Nuup Bussii A/S’ board? – Correct answer: Maliina B. Abelsen)
Winner: Eleonora Reimer

4. Advent (Question: When was Nuup Bussii A/S established? – Correct answer: 1980)
Winner: Elisabannguaq Kreutzmann

All of the winners are contacted by Nuup Bussii A/S and can ride the bus for free all of January 2018 by contacting our offices.

Nuup Bussii A/S would like to thank all the participants of the contest.

We had just about a thousand participants, about every 4th of our followers. We also had more than 400 likes and over a hundred shares of the posts. Again, thank you very much and congratulations to all the lucky winners.