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The organisation

The board

The election of Nuup Bussii A/S’s board was November 9th 2018 after a general meeting.

Chairwoman of the board: Tina Lynge Schmidt

Occupation: Self-employed consultant

Education: market economist, bachelor in administration and HD in organisation

Tina is a self-employed consultant working with developments in organisation, management training, teambuilding, courses and profiling in both the private and public sector. Through her career Tina has held different posts, mainly working with people/employees. Tina is in the commission for competition and has also been voluntary member in various boards.

Board member: Arnannguaq Gerstrøm

Occupation: Managing director at Usisaat Aps


  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Lunds Universitet, Sweden
  • Royal Northern College of Music, UK

Arnannguaq Gerstrøm (b. 1977) is managing director at Usisaat ApS. Arnannguaq has been a board member at Usisaat since 1999 and has worked at the company full time since 2014. Arnannguaq has a background as Souschef at Musikskolen, leader of Orkesterskolen in Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq and a professionel flautist and composer. Besides her music career Arnannguaq has studied at Copenhagen Business School. Arnannguaq has versatile board- and trust memberships, is foreman at the service and transport sector council at Greenland Business Association and is therefore part of the executive committee.

Board member: Christian Roslev

Occupation: City manager at Aalborg Kommune

Education: Cand.Scient.Pol from Aarhus University.

Christian Roslev is deputy chairman at Statens og Kommunernes Indkøb A/S, and board member at Musikkens Hus, Aalborg. Christian Roslev has several years of experience as managing director from Nordjyllands Trafikselskab and in a shorter period of time at Sydtrafik. He also has had several board memberships within public transportation in Denmark, and within the collaboration between the state and publicly owned coorporations.

Board member: Mads-Daniel Skifte

Occupation: Souschef at Visit Greenland A/S

Education: Bachelor in Social Anthropologist from Århus Universitet

Mads-Daniel has primarily worked in the tourist business in Greenland, and has since the year 1999 worked with tourist development as executive director for Maniitsoq Turismeselskab, as a coordinator in tourism for Midtgrønland in Greenland Tourism, as head of development and counseling in Grønlands Turist- og Erhvervsråd. Mads-Daniel has since the year 2011 worked in Visit Greenland as senior consultant and now as souschef. Mads-Daniel has since 2008 been board member in Tupilak Travel, been member in the committee of Hotel, Restaurant & Turisme under Grønlands Erhverv and been member in the comittee of hotel classification under HORESTA/Grønlands Erhverv.

Employee representative: Svend Berthelsen

Occupation: Bus driver at Nuup Bussii A/S

Education: Smith and machinist

Svend is elected employee representative at the Nuup Bussii A/S board. Svend has a range of experience from being prison officer, employee at the airport and currently as bus driver. Svend has also been a member of a number of intern committees at Nuup Bussii A/S and has this year 20 years of anniversary in Nuup Bussii A/S.


Managing director Mogens Nathansen

Occupation: Managing director at Nuup Bussii A/S

Education: Cand. Merc. in accounting & financial management fromHandelshøjskolen in Århus

Mogens has been in management at Mittarfeqarfiit as the finance director for over 10 years, and has also been board member in various boards since 1999 at Nuka A/S, Greenland Ressources A/S, Greenland Venture A/S and Inuit Service Company A/S boards