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Did you know

  • That we keep lost items at the office for 14 days before we give them to the police
  • That our busses run every day, and on weekdays we start at 6:18 am until quarter past midnight
  • We stop by over 50 places around Nuuk city
  • That we back in 2016 drove what is equal to 18 times around the equator
  • That we have 2 million passengers annually
  • That we have 18 busses and 6 cars
  • That we have our own garage
  • That when we started the municipality was called Nuup Kommunea
  • That these pages where the most visited in 2017:
  • That Køreplaner again was the most visited page in 2018? No 2 was the danish frontpage, and our websites third most visited page was Køb her