• Pisiffik, Qinngorput
  • Brugseni Natalie, Nuussuaq
  • Brugseni, Nuuk
  • Pisiffik, Nuuk Center
  • Nuup Bussii A/S, Industrivej
You can refill your card at our resellers or online.
Normal tickets and vouchers by paying cash.
Yes, you can have both in the same card. Just tell the bus driver which one you'd like to use when entering the bus and before scanning the card.
No, we only receive cash in the busses.
No. The first monthly travel card you buy, you need to buy at our offices in Industrivej. After that you can refill online or at our resellers.
If the card is used as a monthly travel card then yes.
You can lock your card online so that no one else has the opportunity to use it. We'll help you with a new card at our offices.
We advise all of our customers to register their cards online. Please see our instructions by clicking here.
A monthly travel card is valid for 30 days.
You can see how many you have left when you scan your card in the bus. You can also log in at your convenience and see you account status. See our instructions by clicking here.
If you don't already have a monthly travel card it will get activated the first time you scan your new card in the bus. If you already have a valid monthly travel card the new one will get activated when the previous one expires.
You can either buy a voucher with 11 punches or you can buy a monthly travel card.
You can buy vouchers at our resellers, our offices, online or at the bus. Please note that you pay cash at the bus and not with a credit card.
Online, at our resellers and at out offices.