Temporary timetable

Please note that due to covid-19 our timetables have changed. Please see our temporary timetable below. Further down the page the temporary timetables are available to see or download in PDF. The changes are temporary, and this page will be updated for every change. We reserve the right to make changes and for print errors.

Temporary timetable for Mondays – Fridays:


Temporary timetable for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays:



Our route map:

You can also find the timetables in PDF files, ready to be downloaded and saved on your smartphone:

Sunday and holidays

On these holidays we run by the sunday timetables:

New Years Eve, 31th of December. The bus stops at 7 pm on this day.
New Year, 1st of January
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Easter monday
General Prayer Day
Ascension Day
Greenlands National Day, 21st of June
Christmas Eve, 24th of December. The bus stops at 7 pm on this day.
Christmas Day, 25th of December
Boxing Day, 26th of December

Twelfth Night, 6th of January after 12:00 o’clock
The day of Home Rule Government, 1st of May after 12:00 o’clock
Are these two holidays on a weekday, schoolkids can ride the bus with their student bus cards until 13:00