The weather is so bad, I wonder if the busses are running?

As an extra service we have SMS Service where our customers have the opportunity to receive a text if one or more of our busses stop running due to the weather. We also send out a text when the busses start to run again.

SMS Service is provided from first of November to 30th of April.
After 30th of April we delete the list of subscribers, if you wish to keep enjoying our SMS Service please subscribe again.

Subscribe or unsubscribe to our SMS Service right here.

Please write one name on Name and Last name, and leave out space.

Remember to enter 299 prior to your phone number and then your number.
Ie. Your number is 123456, then you enter 299123456

Please note that you click the green button to subscribe and click on the red button to unsubscribe to our SMS Service.

Given Name


Mobil number (299 included - 6 numbers)



Besides our SMS Service we now offer our customers a new service where the customer can in realtime follow where the buses are according to their routes. Please see map here.